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Just Some Tours

I got on a boat. I know! I hate boats, I get sea sick, even my mom was surprised! Why? Because I met a new friend J and there was a boat cruise we decided it was a good way to spend the morning. Also it was only an hour long and it was on a canal and I didn’t get sick, I didn’t even feel woozy. Go me! On the other hand, I was not paying enough attention and so for the first time my pictures aren’t overly spectacular. A lot of them were over exposed and so they’re pretty bright when compared to what I’ve been seeing come out of my camera lately. And while that’s not really a bad thing, I feel like a bit was lost. Maybe the photo major in me is just being a harsh critic but it’s definitely not what I’ve been seeing from myself lately. That being said, the pictures really aren’t that bad, I just lost a bit of detail in my cloudy overcast sky.

With my feet back on dry land J and I headed along the Siene and visited some artist stalls before wandering through the Latin quarter for some lunch. We found some hole in the wall and I ordered something that said bacon. I ate a bacon, cheese, tomato, and pickle wrap thing and I didn’t pick anything out, I ate all of it, even the pickle. I don’t even like pickles. It’s a breakthrough kind of day I guess.

Bellies full we met up with our walking tour guide while it drizzled rain on us in our t-shirts and we were kind of cold as we walked through the Latin Quarter. One of the first stops was Shakespeare and Company and we learned a bit of history about the famous book shop and that is where I picked up (finally) my copy of The Cursed Child, I even got the stamp. We stopped by the oldest tree in Paris, the poor thing is being supported with steel and concrete and it’s over 400 years old! We circled around and stopped by the Musée de Cluny which was once an old roman bath house, then on towards the Sorbonne, which you have to be a student to enter so we couldn’t get in. We passed by the Pantheon and headed into Saint-Étienne-du-Mont, where Saint Geneviéve was once enshrined before her body was burned during the French revolution. Now her finger is all the remains and it is on display. The tour ended in the only amphitheater in Paris, it’s rather small but it is a remnant of roman times and so now it’s just a park.

It was a surprisingly quiet day, I expected to be doing more. J and I went back and finally got our jackets before heading out for dinner and then back in for the night. I’ve got big plans for tomorrow though so I’m excited!!

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