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The Last Day

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This is my last day of travel. It’s kind of bitter sweet. I ate breakfast and I checked out of my hostel and with everything all packed up in the car I spent the morning in Reykjavik doing a little last minute exploring. Because it was fairly early in the morning not much was open but I made my way towards Hallrímskirkja, the church you can see on the postcards in every store. It’s a beautiful church and so much different than all of the gothic cathedrals I’ve been in so far. The Nordic design and the smooth arching lines are so much brighter than the gothic style with its wood and stained glass. Lucky for me there was an elevator and I did not have to climb the 8 flights of stairs to see the beautiful view of the town. Though for a view like that I don’t think I would have minded a little climb.

With enough time left I made it to Harpa Concert Hall with its hexagonal glass windows and mirrored ceilings. Bonus points to anyone who can see my reflection.

And, having learned my lesson about returning rental cars late, I headed for the airport. I still had some time but I was going to be early rather than late this time around. So, with time to spare I returned my rental care, dealt with the paperwork for the switch in cars, and waited for the shuttle. I checked my bag (Iceland air includes two checked bags in the price of every ticket so there was nothing extra to pay and no weight restrictions broken!) Getting through security was relatively fast (for airport security) but I had to wait on the floor in line for about an hour for border patrol to show up and open the gates. Lucky me I was sitting next to a fellow Potterhead. The thing about direct flights home is that you’re surrounded by people who are also heading home to the same place you are.

I have to say, I’m glad to be going home and have all those little comfortable things that make it home but I get the feeling I’ll be itching to leave again in no time. Talking to some of the people I’ve met over these last few weeks I don’t feel like I’ve been to that many places yet but compared so many people that never get the chance to go anywhere, I’ve been so far. And yet all I want is to keep going and travel more.

Special shout out to my mom though, for not wanting me to take this trip in the first place she’s been very supportive. And to my dad, who might be feeling a little neglected since I didn’t talk to him very often while I was gone. To my grandma who has read every post and still thinks I’m pretty awesome. And to everyone else who’s read any of my blog at all. This was just a way to share my pictures with the folks back home so they didn’t worry about me on my travels and to keep their curiosity in check so I wouldn’t have to scroll through hundreds of pictures at a time when I got back. I hope everyone enjoyed my vacation almost as much as I did. (Though you’d rather go places yourself, it’s far more fun that way)

For anyone who has been itching to ask any questions, you can head over to my contact page and shoot me an email, or to my Facebook Page “Building Becca” and post on my wall.

If anyone is curious where I’m going next: back to work. I’m now broke and can’t afford to do any more traveling but thanks for asking.

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