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Canyons and Plane Crashes

The drizzle cleared up when I left Skaftafell in the morning making my way back the way I had come. As it turns out Houdini Waterfall is actually called Foos A Sio, but I like Houdini better.

I made a pit stop at Stjórnarfoss Waterfall where I met a ram that didn’t like guests near his pasture. He puffed himself up at me and I gave him his space.

For lunch I stopped back in Vik but didn’t spend any more time because there were a few more stops on my list. First it was into Fjaorargljufur canyon which was breathtaking! There are all kinds of bubbled out cliffs and you could tell people had been walking out onto them for pictures since the grass was all worn away. However, the cliff edges were all roped off with signs that said “Closed for Flora Protection” which when translated into Sarcasm reads “We’re sick and tired of people coming out onto these cliff edges and falling to their deaths”. Did someone still go out there anyway? Well du, of course they did. Did I get some amazing pictures? Well du, of course I did.

Once I had my excursion through the canyon it was further down the road to the plane crash. Now it’s a pretty well-known spot, a plane set down on the black sand beach way back and while no one died, the plane was left abandoned and people have been flocking to it for a while now. However, local land owners have forbidden cars from driving down to the beach and so finding it isn’t hard since there’s usually about a dozen or so cars on the side of the road. The hard part comes when you have to walk to the beach, which took me 50 minutes and I’m a fairly brisk walker. And that’s just one way! While I was there a couple was having their wedding photos taken on the outside and two guys were filming an Icelandic rap video inside. Go figure.

I arrived back in Reykjavik in the mid afternoon and don’t be mad, but when I left for dinner I ordered the Mink Whale. It was surprisingly good, but as with all things in Iceland, it was expensive. Dinner done I packed up my bags, this is my last night sleeping away from home and I’ll be on my flight back tomorrow afternoon.

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