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I Hate Travel Days

I hated to leave Honfleur, it was even more beautiful in the morning than it was in the evening and after getting up at 6 to be on the road by 7, I took 5 minutes to snag a few last pictures of this town. I was going to stop somewhere for breakfast later since nothing was open around me.

Then I was on my way and I got to enjoy driving through the French country side with the morning mist during sunrise. It was practically a fairy tale but I don’t picture and drive so you don’t get to see, sorry. Once I left the country side however the day quickly spiraled. Despite leaving 30 minutes early for traffic, I spent an hour in traffic, which meant I returned my car late and without a full tank of gas. Can you hear the dollar signs? $$!

But I was already at the airport so all I had to do was get to my terminal, check my bag, and get through security then I could find my long awaited breakfast! The airline moved terminals without sending notification so I spent nearly an hour going in what felt like circles trying to figure out where I was going. Then at check in I ended up wasting another 15 minutes rearranging my bags because I was over the carry on weight limit and in the end I had to check both of them! $$ If they break my mugs they’re giving me my money back!

All my time gone I made my way to security, had to practically empty out my entire bag because they needed the camera at the bottom, first time they’ve needed that from me. Then I got halted because I set off the sensor with who knows what. And after getting on the biggest plane I’ve ever been on before, I still hadn’t eaten yet today.

Once I got off the plane it was smooth sailing to the next rental car company. Half an hour of waiting my turn I found out the car I had reserved (an automatic) wasn’t available due to unforeseen circumstances. They asked if I wanted a manual and I asked if they wanted the gears in the same shape when I returned it. Me and my non-ability to haggle, I got the next class of car up because they had an automatic at a severe discount, but to be honest I should have argued and not paid for the upgrade at all. $$ I need to figure this sort of shit out because it’s not ok for me to just go with this sort of thing. Then, because I got a car no one was expecting, I had to wait another 30 minutes to get the car turned over. At this point I have gone 24 hours with only a snickers bar and a Pringles snack pack.

Once on the road though, I made my way towards my hostel and stopped at the first food place I spotted. Nothing beats food when you’re hungry, absolutely nothing. Though I will admit that I have no clue what’s going on with this currency, it’s too weird for me.

Once I got to my hostel I just rearranged my bags and called it a day. I chilled out, edited some photos and you guessed it, caught up on all my blogging so you guys can read about my travel troubles, again. Apparently I have the worst luck getting to and from places! Also, in case it’s not obvious, rental cars were my budget busters for this trip, they bit me in the ass and I mildly regret the choice to get them, but I don’t regret where they’re taking me.

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