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Taking the Hard Way

The theme of the day was “Let’s do it the hard way”. After getting up early so we could head out to Arthur’s seat and climb without too many people we didn’t even bother with the posted map. Turns out we climbed a path called Radical Road and it’s well named! Also, having not looked at the map, we decided to just keep going up whichever trail we picked and after reaching the top we realized there are nice gentle sloping paths that would have gotten us to the same places… Lesson learned, always look at the map first, then climb the dumb path so at least you knew there were easier ways ahead of time. I will say though; the views were fantastic!

After our climb and well deserved brunch, we took some well-deserved naps! Then it was afternoon showers followed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, which as it turns out, were kind of far away and entirely downhill. Downhill isn’t so bad, until you realize you have to go back up the hill… Like I said, we had a theme today.

And that’s it, this is the end of my stay in Edinburgh. A and I are parting ways when I leave in the morning for the Isle of Skye. It was great to have someone to hang out with for a few days and I wish her all the best for the rest of her travels!

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