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Sea Side at Dover

One of the things I wanted to see while I was in London were the White Cliffs of Dover, I thought they sounded amazing and I had seen some pictures of them and wanted to see for myself. Now, there were no day tours to just the Cliffs and I wasn’t really interested in paying over £100 for all the things that were on the tour with the Cliffs. Although I’m sure they would have been worth it, I just wasn’t feeling it at the time. So for £30 I got a train ticket and I went down to Dover for the day. I’d like to start by saying that it was boiling!!! Like really hot! And there were no clouds and I was wearing jeans… I did a lot of sweating.

Now, rather than go to the cliffs, because I was worried about my time frame, I ended up at Dover Castle instead and while it was £18 to get into, I could take pictures and I had already come so far so I decided to go for it. From the top of the cliff that the castle sat on and because it was such a clear day, I was completely able to see France!!! Now that’s just cool to me.

The castle itself was also pretty neat, it had been converted and was used as a fort during WWI and so there was a very distinct difference in some of the things that could be found there. And technically I did see the cliffs, not the best view, but I saw them.

And that was kind of it for me, I spent the day in this adorable little town and I enjoyed it, though it does take a bit of time getting to and from and might not be for everyone. (Certainly not the lady in the bunk under me, she told me it’s a terrible place and I disagree)

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