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No Name Town

I’m being nice and not calling this town out by name but it sucks. It took me two days and a headache to get to. It also, regrettably, ranks a 1/10 on the worth going to scale. It was supposed to be this picturesque little harbor town and on a sunny day with a little planning, it might be. But it’s on this massive slope, it’s a pain in the ass to get to, it smells like a mix of porta potty and fish market, there’s no customer service anywhere, and the only reason it gets a 1 is because I had a really tasty hot chocolate earlier in the day.

I was feeling ok about this place earlier, I finally got in, I got my room squared away, and I went on a walk. I stopped for hot chocolate because it was a bit chilly and it was very tasty. I sat outside and drank my hot chocolate and watched the harbor, which was ugly because tide was out. However, there was a border collie that loved playing fetch with whoever would throw the stick and she found some people playing cricket and kept chasing their ball. I went to the local co-op (kind of the Safeway of the UK) and I got myself a baguette for lunch because nothing was really calling to me food wise.

I went back to my room and I edited a bunch of pictures and wrote two blog posts and it started raining. I was still feeling good though, I had gotten a lot done and when I got hungry again I decided to find some food.

The restaurant in my B&B didn’t seem interested in helping me. The place I got my hot chocolate didn’t seem interested in helping me. The café I found didn’t seem interested in helping me. I went into each looking to get some food and no one even acknowledged I was there let alone tried to get me seated or get me a menu and I did wait and even got workers to look at me but not a one spoke to me. So I went back to the co-op and got some cereal and I’m having coco pops for dinner and probably breakfast as well.

So, it’s hard to get to, it smells, it’s on a steep hill, there’s no customer service, and it’s not even that cute. I won’t hold the weather against this town but I’m almost glad I got held up yesterday so I don’t have to spend the extra time here.

On a side note, make sure your B&B isn’t a restaurant as well. I’m glad I have earplugs because I’m going to need them tonight.

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