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Last of London

With the recommendation of my cousin V who has been to London already in addition to so many more places than me, I started my day at Westminster Abbey. You know what the sign said? “No Photography” booo!!!! So as you may have guessed, I didn’t go inside, which saved me £20. I gotta say, the attractions in London are pricy!! But I did wander around the outside and realized it was going to be another cloudless hot day! Oh joy!

Now, you can’t wander around Westminster without also heading around the Parliament Building and of course Big Ben. Well after that I decided I was going back to the Eye, since it was my last day in London and I had a few Pounds left I bit the bullet on this one. I waited in line for 15 minutes and coughed over the £24.95 to wait in line again for another 15 minutes and then I spent 10 minutes on a massive ferris wheel with noisy children. Great views though!!! (And a special shout out to the people wearing teal and white in a big glass reflective bubble! … )

After that I thought I’d go ahead and make my way to King’s Cross and visit Platform 9 ¾… you can’t take your own picture there, you can pay to have it taken for you though. I didn’t, I wasn’t willing to wait in line (though I’m glad there is a line) for a picture that wasn’t going to be what I wanted it to be… But hey, I was there! And I passed through St Pancras and saw the perfect statue for such an amazing train station!

Then, because I may have potentially pulled a muscle in my foot but I’m really hopping it’s just a kink of some sort, I headed back to my hostel and was in by 2… Not my finest moment, I wanted to go to the zoo. Anyway, as it’s my last day in London I started looking at my packing situation and realized it wasn’t that great. When I started this trip I wanted to go carry on style, and I did, I had one 21” roller bag and a 19” backpack and I was doing well. But then I realized that it was becoming a pain to tetris everything in and because I collect mugs, I didn’t have enough room to fit everything into just the two bags anymore and even with my day bag that meant I was carrying two backpacks and a roller bag and potentially a plastic bag filled with stuff… So I went to the local shop down the street and I bought a 25” bag for a shocking £30! That’s pretty cheap. Now I didn’t get rid of a bag, my current roller bag does in fact fit in the new bag with room to spare and I’ll continue with the backpack as a way to keep some of the more important things more secure and if it ends up that I’m shoving the backpack into a roller bag and going with two roller bags, then that’s the way it goes. Sorry guys., it would have been really cool if I had managed carry on this whole way but it’s a pain!

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