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Last Day in Dublin

So having done everything that was on my list of things to do in Dublin, I pretty much just went out for a walk this morning with no particular destination and it was wonderful!

I took a wrong turn (again) and ended up finding a part of the Original Dublin Wall from 1240 A.D. at St Audoen’s Church. Finding a part of the history of a city was amazing, and it really does give you a sense of how old this part of the world really is. We certainly don’t have bits like this back home.

I wandered around a bit more just kind of going up and down some streets and I gotta tell you, I can trip over smooth surfaces and these cobblestone streets are really testing my walking skills here. But it’s all worth it in the end because not only is the view over the river stunning, but the bridges compliment you! How sweet.

I’ll admit, by the time late morning came around, I was kind of bored, I didn’t think that could happen but it did and I just chilled out in my dorm for a while. I found some lunch around noon and then took a walk through Henry St which is a major shopping center and then I headed East along the river. Now, having seen the river I was surprised to see an event going on with a bunch of middle aged men swimming a race in that dirty water. But I only caught the tail end of the race and so I could see them all get thoroughly hosed off at the end, I would have needed a gallon of soap to get that clean feeling back but I’m assuming it was for a good cause.

On my way back I came across a street artist and he was quite talented! Rather than leave a tip as I took his picture, I bought one of his mini paintings and I have to admit, it’s hard to see it as a painting, it’s so well done! It’s always a greater compliment to buy an artist’s work over leaving a tip.

This is my last day in Dublin but you’ll see me again in Kilkenny Ireland.

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Marybeth McBain
Marybeth McBain
04 sie 2022

My favorite: " not only is the view over the river stunning, but the bridges compliment you! How sweet." LOL <3

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