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Just Another Travel Day

First of all, I need to start getting used to the fact that trains don’t arrive in the stations until about 2 minutes before they’re supposed to depart. Second, I have got to figure out how to stop arriving to everything so early! I spent my morning in the train station and I could have gone out and done something instead but I didn’t want to have to worry about the time and potentially running late and bla bla bla.

But you know what? This train took me straight into Paris! I was so excited I wasn’t even all the worried about sweating through all of my clothes in the hot metro… ok yes I was, that was gross and sticky and I wish it wasn’t so hot down there.

I’d love to tell you I spent my afternoon exploring my neighborhood or something but I actually spent it doing laundry and trying to kind of sort of make a plan about how my days in Paris will be spent. This is the one part about travel I think I like least: laundry. For about 5 minutes there was nothing in my dirty laundry bag and it was amazing, and I was kind of sad when I had to put something in it again. But hey, clean clothes are the best clothes.

Now don’t think I didn’t go out, I wandered down the street to a Patisserie and got myself a midafternoon baguette to hold myself over until dinner. And as awesome as bread is plain, I have a small thing of peanut butter, which I kept dunking my baguette into and I didn’t even know I missed peanut butter that much until I was eating it again. A little taste of home goes a long way.

I also booked my ticket to the Palace of Versailles for tomorrow so now my cousins can’t get mad at me for not going! I’m also really excited to go out and be taking pictures in and around Paris, there are not enough hours in each day anymore because if I had more time I’d be out there.

On a side note, blogging is practically a job, I didn’t realize how time intensive it was, and it’s not really so much the writing, because that usually only takes me about 5-10 minutes, but the photo editing and the uploading, now that could take at least a few hours, especially on the big photo days! But hey, edit an hour or two now or edit for a week later right?

We’re going to Versailles tomorrow! I’m excited!

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