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Gone to Ghent

I left London today. Even though my train didn’t depart until about 1 I was at the station by 9:30… I think now that I’m not in the city anymore I can honestly admit that it wasn’t really for me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my stay in London and it’s an amazing city. We just didn’t click very well and I think I wanted to like it more than I actually did. And it wasn’t because of my foot hurting or how expensive everything seemed. I reviewed my budgets and I had more than enough money to go to all of those attractions I told you I didn’t go into. Now it might be a bit of burnout, I’ve certainly never traveled to this many places for so long a period before and if I ever have a second chance to go to London I will, and maybe it will be my first stop and we’ll get along better. I also think that maybe I’ve just been trying to see too many things in the city rather than just the city itself. I was forcing myself to visit all these places I wanted to go to and I really didn’t have to. Besides that, Edinburgh is a tough act to follow with all of its character.

How did I leave London? The only proper way of course, under the English Channel! The “Chunnel” is pretty much a black tunnel with no view and ranked a 0 on the excitement scale, but I can check it off my bucket list as soon as I bother to add it…

Anyway! I am now in Ghent Belgium!! Can anyone say chocolate? CHOCOLATE! That’s never going to make it home, besides the fact I’ll probably just eat it myself, it would melt absolutely everywhere because it is sweltering. I have one of those fancy travel towels that absorbs moisture like a sponge and I broke it out today to wipe off the sweat. Can I have my dry Colorado heat back yet? I’m boiling here!!

But aside from that this city is pretty awesome. I seem to have shown up for another festival or street market event type thing so that’s a plus but I also wonder why we don’t have these things back home. I would go every single day to try different foods and buy new spices from burlap sacks and although you’d never find proper Belgian chocolate back home at a stall, there’s bound to be an ice-cream truck somewhere. I love these street markets! And now you’re wondering why there aren’t any pictures of the market… I didn’t take my camera to dinner with me and I didn’t discover the market until I was already out and I was too lazy to go back. Yup, I did not take my camera with me in a new town, I made a boo boo. The good news is: I hear the market is on all week!

Now, I was worried I wouldn’t have any pictures to share with you today since I technically didn’t do anything worth taking a picture of. But then I opened up my dorm windows to let in some cool-ish night air and boom! Instant view!

So with that I bid you good night, tomorrow will be a better picture day.

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