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Exploring Edinburgh

LONG DAY! A and I started out at the National Museum of Scotland and that place is huge!!! We spent 3 hours exploring 5 floors of everything! And I do mean everything, they have the animals, the rocks, the sculptures, the fashion, the décor, the planes, trains, automobiles, germs, photography, telephones… you get it?

After a very well deserved lunch we decided to explore New Town. Now, we’ve been staying in Old Town Edinburgh which is on the south side (I think, I have no sense of direction around here) and New Town is on the North side. Back in the day New Town was where the upper crust lived and they forced all the poor people into Old Town as rich people have a tendency to do. To be fair, I like the looks of New Town, it’s clean and organized and proper. Old Town, however, has so much more character!! The varied buildings with their rough facades and the winding streets and steep hills are so much more comforting. It’s lively and unique and historic and it also happens to be where the Fringe festival is taking place.

With all of that wandering around we did a little relaxing before heading to an improve comedy show before dinner and then off to bed. Tomorrow is Arthur’s Seat so we’re packing it in early for the climb in the morning, good night!!

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