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Dublin: Day 1

So, the first thing I learned when I got to Dublin is to always make sure you have written directions / a map on how to get to where you’re staying. I got a little turned around, mostly because there are no mountains to tell me which way I’m going. The good news is that there’s a Starbucks on just about every corner around here too, so I was able to jump onto some Wi-Fi and figure it out after a little too much wandering around. The second thing I learned was to always double check your check in time when it comes to booking accommodations. Something new every day right? But the good news about hostels is that they’ll let you store your luggage and hang out in the common areas until your room is ready. Yay!

While I waited around to get into my room I decided to go ahead and wander around town for a bit. I headed to Trinity College because I was interested in seeing the Long Room in the Book of Kells, turns out you probably shouldn’t plan that for the same day new students’ orientations are going on, the museum was closed. But I did wander around the grounds for a bit and it’s a beautiful campus with lovely old buildings and statues.

After that I headed to a park, I thought I was going to St Stephen’s green, apparently that’s not where I ended up, but it was still a very pretty park. There were flower gardens and statues and a beautifully designed monument to honor fallen soldiers. I found a statue of Oscar Wilde looking a bit like Gilderoy Lockhart… This is when you know you’re a nerd, when you don’t know what that statue is but you can relate it to something else until you find out.

I also saw a church, which was not St. Patrick’s church and apparently those smaller churches are everywhere! It was around this time I realized I was officially lost. I probably spent about an hour wandering around looking for a Starbucks to steal Wi-Fi from again and wouldn’t you know it, not a one to be found! Go figure right? Well I must have wandered around long enough and in the right direction enough because by the time I found what I was looking for, I wasn’t lost anymore. It all works out I suppose. But let me please refer you back to lesson one, carry a map.

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