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Honfleur in Normandie

I rented a car, and I drove it, through France. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! I was heading for Honfleur in Normandie and I made a detour through Pond Audemer for lunch and it was a cute town, but it had nothing on Honfleur! It’s a super cute, old looking town and it’s what you imagine France looked like way back when. And, because cruise ships stop there, it’s got tons, tons of specialty boutiques. Chocolatiers, patisseries, boulangeries, crafts, arts, all of it! I kept going into the Chocolatiers just to breathe in the wonderful smells, but I was good and didn’t buy it all, though I wanted to.

And of course they have a port filled with sailing boats that matched so well with the old buildings! I was disappointed that I only allocated a day to this wonderful little place. Not only because it was so cute, but there were several things I wanted to do in the Normandie area that I didn’t end up doing because I didn’t have the time. I need to stop scheduling things that are out of the way when I know I can’t get to them, it’s a bad habit. All the same, it’s a good reason to go back.

I realized I’ve been saying that a lot lately “good reason to go back”. Apparently I just need to take this trip all over again so I can do it right because clearly I did something wrong if I have reasons to go back everywhere.

All the same, I kept thinking I could live happily in this little port town for a while. I’d go into a different chocolatier every day for a treat though so maybe find some better habits first.

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