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The Palace of Versailles

There’s a word that comes to mind when describing the Palace of Versailles: Extravagant! I mean honestly, gold paint on the gates? Really? All the same, WOW! I got spend a few hours here in the afternoon and my goodness with the paintings and the statues and the views and the gardens! Versailles may be extravagant but it was so worth a visit!

I want to start by saying the one thing we all think when we visit touristy spots and I want you all to know it’s not meant to be mean. You hear that? It’s not meant to be mean. Asians, you guys need to take your 1-2 pictures and move on! I arrived in a group from my hostel and we spent 5 minutes trying to get a clear picture of the gate without anyone in it but these 2 families kept taking turns back and forth with the pictures, they must have taken dozens of pictures just at the gate! And they wonder where their phone storage has gone? One of my group was brave and yelled at them “no people!!” and so we took 5 seconds to grab our pictures and when we were done they went right back to it. But hey, got a good picture of a golden gate.

Once I was past security there were free audio guides, I didn’t use mine too much, but I should have gone slower and listened to it more to soak up the history. There’s so much to learn in living museums like this and I wish I was better at taking my time to go through them. All the same, they really knew how to carve a sculpture and paint a painting back then, the artwork was so detailed and impressive!

In some of the rooms it became a game of dodge the person when I was taking pictures and I realized ceilings are an excellent place to get pictures of the extravagance of the palace without a million people! So I have a lot of weird pictures of the ceilings. But honestly, with ceilings like these how can anyone be disappointed?

While I was visiting an artist named Olafur Eliasson was on display, which meant there were some strange but cool mirrors hanging around.

I considered heading into Angelina’s Café inside the palace but decided not to, I’ll visit one of the locations in Paris instead for my hot chocolate. But past the café I found my way out into the gardens! Beautiful, beautiful place and I’m jealous that people used to live here and enjoy them all the time! That being said, I only skimmed the surface of the gardens as I didn’t head down and out (which I regret) but with so much sun I was thirsty and I couldn’t bring myself to explore at the time. Always have water with you folks!

After getting dropped back off at my hostel I had inclinations to do more things, but with 4 days left I’m trying to pace myself. So I set to editing my pictures, turns out this is the most number of pictures I’ve taken of a single location, almost the most for a single day! I didn’t even realize I had been such a shutter bug!

But hey, tomorrow is another day and I get to go more places and do more things!

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