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The Medieval Town: Kilkenny

First of all, yes there’s finally a picture of me up here. Second, Kilkenny is the cutest little town! Someone wrap it up I want to take it back with me! I got in just before lunch and have done some exploring and I love this place!

For starters there was art walk going on and who doesn’t love those? So as I walked along these cobblestone streets with the old stone buildings mixed into the slightly newer plaster facades I got to look at local art! Then I came across this little shopping center where they had hung umbrellas overhead and I got maybe a little unreasonably excited about these. But they were so cute!!!

And then I headed to St Canice’s Cathedral (Which is different from the Parish) and I got to ogle these beautifully crafted wooden gables in the stone church with the stained glass. I even climbed this ridiculously narrow tower which was about 120 steps of switchbacks as opposed to spiral stairs and I have to tell you that towards the top my elbows and I almost didn’t make it at the same time. That was a teeny opening! But the view was simply fantastic! On the left you could see the castle and on the right was St Mary’s Cathedral. And all the little colorful buildings!

I’m not sure if you can tell by the exclamation points but I was so goo-goo over this little Medieval town. It was a very endearing place and I’m kinda of regretting that I only have 24 hours here. All the same, if a day is all you can afford then I would most definitely recommend spending it in Kilkenny.

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