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The Joys of Public Transit

This morning I got the chance to wander around Kilkenny a little more and I made it to the castle and got a chance to walk around the grounds. I will say that although the outside is magnificent, the inside looks like some refinished old hotel and I regret paying the €7 to wander through, it really wasn’t worth it for me.

Although I did get a chance to visit St Mary’s Cathedral, there wasn’t much that special about it to me, it was huge from the outside but seemed quite small inside and the only thing worth mentioning was the gold leaf mural on the back wall that they’re in the middle of restoring and is therefore hidden behind scaffolding.

Now, as a girl who lives in a town without the most highly thought out public transportation system and who drives herself wherever she needs to go, I am so sorry for those of you who have to deal with this sort of thing. I made it to the bus station with a little time to spare in order to catch my bus back to Dublin which would connect me to my bus to Belfast. Now, I’m used to being a little early and it’s fine, but when the bus is half an hour late and I’ve definitely missed my connection, I can get a little annoyed.

But, the bus system in Ireland isn’t without it’s perks, they don’t give a specific time for your ticket and so you can redeem it whenever you need to. Which was good since I missed the first bus to Belfast that I had planned on taking. So I found where my bus was going to be, I knew when it was going to be there and I kept an eye on the spot where it would have pulled in. Only it never did and the sign changed to “Departing” right on time and I’m left wondering where this invisible bus was to begin with. So, another hour later (two hours after my original plan mind you) I got onto a bus heading to Belfast.

Two and a half hours later I got off the bus and headed for my next hostel. I have to tell you, Belfast might be my least favorite town so far, it’s kind of run down and dreary and there’s trash all over. But, I haven’t had a chance to explore so I might change my mind later.

It’s been a long day for me so sleep tight everyone, I’m going to bed.

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