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I Started at Notre Dame

Notre Dame is every bit as impressive as you would think it is. I got there right before 10 and made my way inside and despite the signs saying no flash, flashes were everywhere. Respect the signs people, they’re there for a reason. Anyway, I took a lap around the cathedral and even paid my way into the treasury. €5 is one of the cheapest entry fees I've found so I had no trouble paying that much.

After exploring the inside I headed around to climb all the way up the towers. Now, walking up I remember thinking I should do the towers first, did I? Absolutely not. The cathedral is open at 9 but the towers open at 10 and because I wasn’t waiting in line at open it took me about 40 minutes of waiting before I reached the front of the line. There’s your bit of advice for Notre Dame. All the same, there were some gorgeous panoramic views of the city from the top and 400 steps were nothing.

Once I left the island I realized I needed lunch so I stopped at a supermarket for some cheap lunch and then I kept moving. I made my around and paid a visit to the Fontaine Medici and the Palais du Luxemburg with its beautiful gardens and tree lined paths. And that’s not your imagination, there really are boats in the fountain, you can rent them to enjoy while you lounge in one of the many chairs provided.

Well since it wasn’t so far on my little map I made my way to the Pantheon. Why do old cities like this put everything so close together, it makes it very hard not to keep going. So I enjoyed the sculptures and I took a rest inside to cool off from the hot sun and rest my feet. I then wandered around doing a little window shopping but not actually shopping before calling it a day.

I have to admit, this is definitely a record picture day, I didn’t even edit them all because I knew it would take forever and some of them were simply too similar to others. This is how I don’t end up going out at night guys, I pack it in early to edit pictures for you and keep from wearing myself out completely.

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