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Doing What Makes You Happy

Here’s the blog post you were supposed to get. This is the one where I left the Isle of Skye and RODE THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS!!! That’s right, I did a nerdy thing and I loved it! (sing the “loved it” part, it’s better that way)

After leaving the B&B I was staying at on the island my tour group headed south and while the other 24 people in the group got off at the Scottish Heritage Museum we stopped at, I decided not to and I continued with Sandy down to the port where the Ferry was waiting and I took a nature walk. And by nature walk I mean there was a muddy path and my boots were nasty and I got hit by bushes but the view was nice and there were seals. Yep…

Now, I hate boats of any kind these days, I didn’t always but my track record with being on the water with motion sickness isn’t that great and so I’m always warry. Despite being on the water for 30 minutes, I’m proud to announce I did not throw up! And we spotted a few jelly fish, I also passed my camera with its telephoto lens around to my tour group friends so they could get a look at the seals, they were all very careful with it and I’m grateful.

And then it was into Fort William where, you guessed it, the Jacobite steam train was waiting for us. Now, this train is the oldest operating train in Scotland and it’s like its own little museum sort of. But it also had a Harry Potter gift shop and I got a mug that said “I A-Dubledore You” on it and I was very happy thank you. And if you ever find yourself on this train, they make an announcement when they’re approaching the Glen Coe Viaduct just so you don’t miss that little bit of joy! While you’re waiting for it though, the views out either side of this train are breathtaking and so put the camera away (which I didn’t do) and enjoy the ride.

This is the part where I encourage you not to miss out on the things you want to do, it’s ok if it’s nerdy and super touristy and maybe even a little weird, if you really want to do it, just do it! The opinions of others shouldn’t matter.

Once our little train journey ended, we headed through Glen Coe, with has a very bloody history if you look into it but is also very, very beautiful. Which was good because Rannoch Moor beyond that is pretty much the Kansas of the UK: a whole lot of nothing.

Sandy regaled us with a few stories and some more history lessons about Scotland and we arrived back in Edinburgh around 8 pm. I headed out to dinner with a few of the other girls from the trip but I packed it in early because I knew I was going to be leaving in the morning and I still needed to take care of a few things.

You can read about my problem day HERE.

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